Dây nhảy quang MPO-LC OM3 LSZH 8,12,24FO

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Connector: MPO Fiber: MM, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
Cover: PVC, LSZH Insertion Loss: 0.2dB
Return Loss: 55dB Diameter: 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Length: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, … Core: 9/125
Fiber Count: 8fibers, 12 Fibers, 24 Fibers Color: Pink, Violet, Customized
High Light: qsfp breakout cable , breakout fiber optic cable


MPO OM4 Patch Cord LC SC Fiber Optic Connector 8core 12core 24core Pink Violet LSZH
– Kocent Optec Limited a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced fiber optic products, mainly offer CPRI waterproof jumper, MPO/MTP patch cord, standard fiber optic patch cord, fast connector, PLC Splitter, fiber optic box, and cable.

– We provide OEM/ODM service with all type length of MPO/MTP patch cable.

– Our MPO/MTP patch cable are available in Single mode and Multimode ( OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OM5). Connector can be MPO/MTP and other type of connector such as LC, FC, ST, SC, E2000, MU, DIN, MTRJ, …

– We supply full set of MODF and MPO rack mount patch panel for Data Center. And also supply a series of MPO Patch cable that come with outdoor water-proof connector such as: ODVA, Fullaxs, PDC, PDLC, H connector, ….

– The cable length belongs to a custom product.

– Contact with our sales team to get more infomation about these products



– MPO/MTP ribbon and trunk mulitcore cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environment, reducing network in stallation or reconfiguration time and cost.

– MTP/MPO are used to interconnect cassettes, panels, or fan outs, it offered in fiber typs in standard 8 , 12 ,24 ,or 48 cores versions using a compact and rugged microcables structre. The compact cable optimize cableway use and improve airflow.

– These MPO/MTP cable are build with the highest quality components , Low loss elite versions are offered, featuring low insertion loww for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.

– MTP/MPO fiber patch cables allow high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms.

– They use a simple push-pull latching mechanism for easy and intuitive insertion and removal.

– The MTP/MPO connector is approximately the same size of a SC connector but since it can accommodate 8 fibers,12 fibers and 24 fibers.

– It provides up to 8, 12, 24 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space.



– With 8-fibers, 12-fiber and 24-fiber MPO/MTO connector standard

– Available in OS1/2, OM2, OM3 and OM4

– Interface polished type has PC, UPC and APC

– Support use in attaching directly to 40/100G transceivers

– 100{5937f13e733fa5893295b63c5d1fc02ffdd7c99f84ae6f406b947e139b1a7303} factory tested, with test results included for each assembly

– Ulitize MPO/MTP connectors

– Rapid deployment

– Factory terminated

– 100{5937f13e733fa5893295b63c5d1fc02ffdd7c99f84ae6f406b947e139b1a7303} test

– High density cable

– Optimized performance

– Compliant to directive 200/95/EC(RoHS)




– Metro,

– Test Equipment,

– Premise installations,

– Active device termination,

– Passive fiber optic system,

– Data Processing networks,

– Telecommunication networks,

– Local Area Networks(LANs),

– Wide Area Networks(WANs),



About OM4 fiber: 
– OM4 is laser-optimized 50um fiber having 4.7GHz*km EMB bandwidth designed for 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s, and 100 Gb/s transmission.
– OM4 fiber has been on the market since 2005, sold as premium OM3 or OM3 fiber. The OM4 cable designation standardizes the nomenclature across all manufacturers so that the customer has a clearer idea of the product that they are buying.
– OM4 fiber is completely backwards compatible with OM3 fiber and shares the same distinctive aqua jacket.
– OM4 was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 10 Gig/second link distances of up to 550 Meters (compared to 300M with OM3) and offers an Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB) of 4700 MHz-km.


Differents between OM3 and OM4: 

– OM3 and OM4 cables are both types of graded-index multimode fiber optic cable, specified under IEEE and TIA/EIA standards.

– OM3 and OM4 are laser-optimized multimode fiber (LOMMF) cables, specially designed to work with the high speed networks we have today.

– While they have very similar constructions, OM4 is able to perform over longer distances due to its 4700 megahertz bandwidth versus the 2500 megahertz bandwidth of OM3 cabling. OM4 is one of the fastest fiber optic cables available, and is such new technology that the standard was ratified by the TIA/EIA in August 2009; the IEEE 802.3ba 40G/100G Ethernet standard covering OM3 and OM4 was ratified as recently as June 2010.

– Not only do they exhibit great performance, but OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber optic cables are cost-effective fiber optic cabling options as well.

– By using these top of the line fiber optic cables, the secured data center is not only performing to its fullest capabilities now, but should meet the military’s high performance standards for years to come.

Type Single Mode Single Mode Multi Mode
(APC Polish) (UPC Polish) (PC Polish)
Fiber Count 8,12,24 etc. 8,12,24 etc. 8,12,24 etc.
Fiber Type G652D,G657A1 etc. G652D,G657A1 etc. OM1,OM2,OM3 etc.
Maximum Insertion Loss Elite Standard Elite Standard Elite Standard
Low Loss Low Loss Low Loss
≤0.35 dB ≤0.75dB ≤0.35 dB ≤0.75dB ≤0.35 dB ≤0.60dB
Return Loss ≥60 dB ≥60 dB NA
Durability ≥500 times ≥500 times ≥500 times
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃ -40℃ ~ +80℃ -40℃ ~ +80℃
Test Wavelength 1310nm 1310nm 1310nm


Polarity type: 

OM4 MPO MTP Patch Cord LC SC  Connector 8 12 24 Core  Pink Violet LSZH Cover 0


Products photo: 

OM4 MPO MTP Patch Cord LC SC  Connector 8 12 24 Core  Pink Violet LSZH Cover 1

OM4 MPO MTP Patch Cord LC SC  Connector 8 12 24 Core  Pink Violet LSZH Cover 2

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